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French stove Deville 'Lily'

On a trip to see my cousin in Lyon, he showed me a beautiful 'Lily' Deville wood burning stove dating from early 1900's that he was restoring to its former glory. It really was a wonderful tactile thing to see and touch. I am going to find out more about these delightful creatures - yes they do seem to have a life.

He also showed me some of the original catalogues and manuals which again were lovely to hold and smell. It is a very pleasing thing to discover wonderful things that have been around for many years yet have been eluded by your world. So many questions - how, when, where were they made and by whom and what were their original settings. Perhaps a chateau in the Ardèche or a small town house in Provence.

I am off to raid the internet for answers and the biscuit jar.

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Well I finally started to migrate all the joomla sites to the new server which I have configured myself from scratch.

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I have re-vamped my creativeapaces.co.uk again using a Joomla 3.6.4. Please take a look creativespaces.co.uk

The Gardeners Guild has been a great help in feeling connected to other gardeners.

Recently I went on a course by Alan Sargent on Developing a consultancy business. Alan is a  natural communicator and the course has given me some great insights as to where my horticultural career might go.

Pershore College PDF Print E-mail

22 January 2011

We have been doing some bench grafting which is part of an assessment. It was really great fun. The fruit tree planting turned out to be a perfect morning in the Worcestershire countryside with frost on the ground and plenty of sawing of branches.

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